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Fullerton college and Cal State Fullerton will offer in-person classes to hourly employees with free tuition. (Alexander Alvarado / Daily Titan)

Disneyland will add a new partnership to the Disney Aspire education program, allowing hourly employees to attend in-person classes at Cal State Fullerton and Fullerton College with free tuition.

Currently, the program is only set up for online classes through these select colleges, however it has expanded to include in-person classes with this new partnership.

Elva Rubalcava, the associate vice president of Government and Community Relations at CSUF, said they are excited about this new partnership and are looking forward to the opportunities it will provide Disney employees.

“We are super excited that Disneyland Resort has announced that they are working with Cal State Fullerton to expand their Disney Aspire program to include them as one of their first brick and mortar opportunities for their hourly cast members, prepaid tuition program for them and we are still in the process of working out the details,” Rubalcava said.

This new partnership is sure to help many Disney employees have access to more options for quality education.

“That's going to be absolutely fantastic for cast members for their affordability of their education, and being able to further themselves in their careers,” Rubalcava said.

Rubalcava also notes how important CSUF graduates are to the surrounding economy.

“Us being so close and with our more than 310,000 graduates staying within a 50-mile radius of campus, or 80% of those staying within a 50-mile radius of campus, obviously our future employees, our graduates are future employees in the region,” Rubalcava said. “That is really significant for workforce development and for the Disneyland Resort as the largest employer in Orange County, it seems to be a perfect opportunity.”

Rubalcava said the program is still in the works and for now it is unknown when it will start. However, interested employees have been instructed to reach out to Disney Aspire representatives.

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