Sorority House

The sorority house for the CSUF sorority Alpha Delta Pi in Fullerton. (Mariah Carrillo / Daily Titan)

Though Cal State Fullerton is anticipating a primary in-person fall semester, the return to the traditional greek life experience remains uncertain.

The Panhellenic and interfraternity councils, who govern multiple sororities and fraternities on campus, still have hope that recruitment for the upcoming fall 2021 semester will be in-person, although the university has not confirmed if it’s possible. 

Chi-Chung Keung, the CSUF news media director, said in an email to the Daily Titan that on-campus activities and events organized by student groups, such as recruitment for fraternities and sororities, remain unknown, but that the university will provide more information when possible.

Bella Veloz, a third-year English major and CSUF Panhellenic president, said Panhellenic and her sorority chapter are both preparing for in-person recruitment and will be prepared once they receive confirmation from the university.

Veloz said that she has ideas of possibly making the recruitment process outdoors to make it safer. If any events are held in the near future, she said she plans to hold them spaced out. However, she said she is worried other chapters will be unable to do so due to a lack of resources or other conflicts.

Veloz said that the CSUF sororities part of Panhellenic could work together to discuss how to compromise to make in-person recruiting work.

“So if one is not for it, like they just don’t have the funds, they can’t get enough girls, enough girls aren’t comfortable doing it too, it’s probably going to be a no, not everyone can do it. Just to make it fair across the board,” Veloz said. “Otherwise, you create a disadvantage there and that’s not something that we stand for.”

Mohamed Mohamed, a third-year economics major and CSUF interfraternity president, said he has not heard any word on the plan for fall recruitment or received an update since the email regarding the anticipated in-person semester.

Fraternities and sororities have had to recruit new members virtually for the past two semesters, which Mohamed said has made it difficult to gain new members.

“I definitely think it’s a harder sell, right? Cause you’re like, ‘hey join this thing that’s really social and you’re gonna meet all these people, but it’s a virtual semester,’” Mohamed said. “I think that all the chapters have been doing an amazing job getting more people to join and honestly they’re probably getting the best amount of people they probably can.”

Mohamed said he hopes that they can resume in-person recruitment and activities in the fall 2021 semester.

“We want to be able to show them our philanthropy events, we want to be able to show them our big alumni collections and things like that, so we’re just really hoping that in the fall we can have an in-person recruitment,” Mohamed said.

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