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CSUF plans to increase capacity at its residence halls for the 2021 fall semester. (Isaias Ruelas / Daily Titan)

Cal State Fullerton’s Housing Department is in the early stages of planning and preparing for the fall semester.

Larry Martin, Ph.D., the executive director of Housing and Residential Engagement for CSUF, said that student housing is continuing to consult with campus leadership, the CSU chancellor’s office, as well as local, county, state and federal guidelines to make a decision.

The constant updates of COVID-19 have left the leadership team with unanticipated questions for preparing for the fall, Martin said.

“With vaccines becoming available, what does that mean? How might we utilize those to assist as well, so it’s still early and determining what impact that will have,” Martin said.

Ellen Treanor, the media representative for CSUF who is on CSUF’s Reentry Leadership Team, said that the university will not be requiring students to be vaccinated before returning to campus.

Martin said that student housing is hoping to open the residence halls to some capacity in the fall.

“We’ve been approved for about 12 to 15% occupancy for this year, so if we open the residents halls even at a limited capacity, it would likely take us to about 25%, is what we’re anticipating,” Martin said.

Martin said that the planning apartment complexes will also be available for the fall semester at a lowered capacity.

CSUF has been determining which student applications to accept based on the students’ needs.

“Whether that’s based on in-person classes, housing and security, housing and instability, housing environments aren’t conducive to the learning environment or lack of access to technology to help with especially the virtual learning environment — so those are the pieces that help us prioritize and so I imagine that it will continue into the fall,” Martin said.

Housing and Residential Engagement has hosted several events including a homecoming celebration and Among Us game night.

“So, for not knowing what the year would look like, we’re very pleased with both student compliance with the protocols as well as their willingness to engage with us virtually,” Martin said.

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