Pollak Library

Cal State Fullerton's Pollak Library received funds from the ”Keeping Your Campus Memories Alive” fundraiser to preserve the library's archives and special collections as well as begin funding a future relocation. (Eliza Green / Daily Titan)

Cal State Fullerton’s Pollak Library received $4,800 in donations as part of the fall crowdfunding fundraiser “Keeping Your Campus Memories Alive” that ended on Oct. 31. The campaign was created to raise money for proper preservation of the campus archives and special collections.

The special collections and archives contain years worth of campus history and past records for wandering minds and researchers alike. A notable piece in the special collections is Frank Herbert’s original manuscript for his book “Dune” which contains one-of-a-kind handwritten edits.

Patrisia Prestinary, the archivist and special collections librarian, said that although required by executive order to maintain the university’s campus records, the library receives very little funding for it. With the crowdfunding fundraiser, the library was able to raise money to purchase basic supplies needed to keep campus records properly catalogued and maintain the various special collections.

Director of University Archives and Special Collections, Lisa Mix said that the focus on the Special Collections and University Archives for this fundraiser tied in with the name of the fundraiser since the archives keep campus memories and history alive and accessible to anyone.

“I think the other reason why the library wanted to focus on this particular department is that we are planning to move University Archives and Special Collections to the sixth floor of the library,” Mix said.

The move to the sixth floor requires renovations that would include creating adequate storage and climate controlled settings for proper storage, furthering the need for funds. Mix said that participating in the fall crowdfunding gave the library a profile for future fundraisers that could help support the archives’ move to the sixth floor.

Prestinary said that a move to the sixth floor would be beneficial for the library and for the process of digitizing records. The current space contains environmental issues such as not having a proper system that can remove humidity and dust particles from the air.

“It also just gives us more space to process collections, we’ll often get seven big cartons of stuff we need to sort and we need big tables to do that,” Prestinary said. “Not only do we need the space to do the sorting, we need more space to digitize collections because that’s sort of the next step. We need more space to store the collections, we are completely full at this point.”

Although the department is currently allowing visitors by appointment, Mix and Prestinary said they encourage community members, students, faculty and visiting researchers to visit the Campus Archives and Special Collections.

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