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University police responded to an assault and battery call near Ruby Gerontology Center on Oct. 18.

The Cal State Fullerton University Police arrested a 24-year-old male near the Health Center on Thursday night on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon (vehicle), assault of a police officer and reckless driving, officials said.

Capt. Scot Willey of the University Police said that the suspect, Ahmadreza Rahemi, nearly ran over a CSUF parking officer twice as he attempted to escape a citation.

Rahemi is a student, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, but Willey said Rahemi is not a student at or associated with CSUF in any way.

Willey said that Rahemi told University Police he did not intentionally attempt to hit the officer with his vehicle, but that the two did get into a verbal altercation prior to the incident.

“The suspect was detained at the scene and basically verified all of the information, saying that he didn’t mean to go after him with his vehicle, but the vehicle lost control when he tried to speed off,” Willey said.

The parking officer initially noticed the vehicle while Rahemi was on the athletic fields, which is closed to the public and CSUF students due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Willey said. 

“His whole job is just to walk around and make sure that people who are parked there are paying for their permit because that is still in effect,” Willey said. 

The officer was going to give Rahemi a citation for not having a parking pass or permit, but Rahemi jumped into his vehicle and started backing out, nearly hitting the officer and the officer’s vehicle in the process, Willey said.

He said that University Police officers responding to the call arrived in time to detain Rahemi as he was attempting to flee the scene. 

“He was blowing through all the stop signs, he turned left onto State College which is a right turn only, so he violated that as well, and then he blew through a red light as the officers were going after him,” Willey said.

After officers conducted a traffic stop with Rahemi, he was identified by the parking officer, Willey said. He added that Rahemi cooperated with his arrest and was booked at Orange County jail.

“With the victim desiring some prosecution and with the stories corroborating, they arrested the suspect for assault with a deadly weapon,” Willey said. 

Rahemi was released from the Orange County jail on Friday morning after posting bond.

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