Josh Mitchell and Kira Dawson

Josh Mitchell and Kira Dawson are running for president and vice president, of the Associated Students board of directors. (Josh Mitchell's Instagram)

Graduating senior Josh Mitchell and third-year Kira Dawson are likely to be the next president and vice president, of the Associated Students board of directors as they are the only candidates.

"I'm trying to communicate all that we have in ASI, and a lot of leadership positions on our campus,” Mitchell said. “We are taught all these resources, all the protocols and really trying to communicate those to other students so that they're able to really reach out and go to the places that they need.”

Mitchell, a computer engineering major, and Dawson, a communications, entertainment and tourism major, have created a platform that involves adaptability, communication and transparency, where they hope to achieve certain goals in each pillar throughout their time, if elected.

Because Dawson’s expertise is different from Mitchell’s and her journey through campus has made her more aware of other students’ experiences, Dawson made the decision to run for ASI alongside Mitchell and represent students who may feel left out.

“There are a lot of different Titan experiences. There is no universal one. And, I feel that sometimes there is a disconnect between ASI student leaders and the greater student body,” Dawson said. “I was interested in the position to try to bridge that gap and advocate for the other 30,000 students who sometimes may not feel like their voices are heard.”

Dawson’s diverse background is what makes her stand out, she said. Her involvement with different organizations on campus, time management skills, including being part of a sorority, and the fact that she was a commuter prior to the COVID-19 pandemic have allowed Dawson to understand what other students go through.

“This year, I learned the importance of prioritizing and the importance of saying ‘no’ sometimes to take care of yourself,” Dawson said. “I think that boundaries are how I’ve been able to balance these different things.”

Fourth-year theater major and campaign manager Allison Chambers partnered up Dawson with Mitchell knowing they would be a good fit due to their involvement on campus and different backgrounds.

“Kira is very well-versed in the programming side of ASI and Josh has always been involved in the governance side,” Chambers said. “When they finally met over Zoom because of my recommendation, we just knew it was going to be a good fit.”

Chambers said she believes that the candidates’ diverse experiences on campus have allowed them to work together in a way where they are able to discuss issues and come together on an agreement that some partner leaderships fail to have.

When they are making decisions, they do not finalize anything on their own accord, instead they focus on the students’ needs and go based on their insights, Chambers said.

Because Mitchell has been more involved in student government, he has been in contact with other groups on campus, said CSUF public administration graduate student Jason Miramontes, who has known Mitchell for about three years.

“His familiarity with students and their problems is a big thing, especially for him. He's an empath kind of person like he feels your pain, but he also tries to fix it,” Miramontes said.

Echoing Chamber’s opinion on Mitchell and Dawson’s partnership and pasts, Miramontes also said that Mitchell’s previous experience will help him be a great leader.

“He's not afraid to speak up and tell people what's going wrong, and what can be righted,” Miramontes said. “He's pretty good at coming up with solutions to problems, that’s definitely the engineering side of him. Just being able to have somebody trust you that will actually really be on your side.”

Voting starts on Tuesday and runs through Wednesday in the link on the Vote Titans Act Instagram page.

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