Photo of CSUF sorority member sparks outrage on social media

(Photo via Mikah Ivey)

A picture of a Cal State Fullerton Alpha Chi Omega member among friends in swimsuits has surfaced online, causing an uproar on social media. In the photo, none of the friends are practicing social distancing, and they have the words “F— Ronies” written on their backsides.

Mikah Ivey, a citizen of Huntington Beach, took to Twitter on Thursday to post the photo and call out those pictured for not adhering to the stay-at-home order. The post garnered more than 210,000 likes and was retweeted over 34,000 times.

“People are dying, doctors committing suicide but hey, at least y’all still get to party,” Ivey tweeted.

Ivey, Alpha Chi Omega President Miranda Lombrana and the sorority member in the photo did not respond to multiple requests for comment from the Daily Titan through social media. 

Story continues after tweet.

In the comments, some Twitter users criticized Ivey for tweeting about the controversial photo and shaming the people in the picture.

“These kind of “cancel” tweets that I keep seeing just promote mob mentality and targeted harassment. To go this far is absolutely cyberbullying and can lead to suicide,” tweeted out Braxton Davey. 

Other users thanked Ivey for bringing it to attention.

“Don’t delete, they need to know that actions have consequences,” another person tweeted.

The day after Ivey’s Tweet, Samuel Morales, the assistant director of Fraternity and Sorority Life at Cal State Fullerton, sent an email to members of Greek life discouraging social gatherings. Morales’ email did not state whether it was sent because of the circulating photo or not.

“These gatherings are being displayed in public venues and resulting in you, your chapter, and CSUF to be subjected to scrutiny in ways that may be unexpected,” Morales said in the email.

When asked for comment, Morales said that the office of Student Life and Leadership is aware of the photo, but due to the Family Educational Right and Privacy law, he cannot comment on anyone pictured in the photo. 

Ellen Treanor, the university’s chief communications officer, told the Daily Titan in a text message that Student Life and Leadership has reached out to the organization.

“It is important during this time to follow the guidance of the health department and maintain social distancing,” Treanor wrote.

For members of Alpha Chi Omega who do not follow the code of conduct, disciplinary action may include being released from membership or losing good standing, according to their bylaws.

It is unknown whether the Alpha Chi Omega member remains in the sorority.

Morales also reminded Fraternity and Sorority Life students to follow the governor’s orders until infection rates decline or substantial COVID-19 testing is taking place.

The same day his email was sent out, cases in Orange County saw an all-time high of 163 reported cases. As of May 4, there have been 2,819 cases and 57 deaths in the county.

“We encourage you to avoid hosting and/or attending social gatherings for the health and safety of yourself and others,” Morales said. “Please help us be responsible stewards of our campus, your chapter, and community.”

Karina Gutierrez contributed to this article.

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