Kira Dawson

Kira Dawson is ASI's newly elected vice president. (Courtesy of Kira Dawson)

Coming from a long line of Titans, Kira Dawson said she hopes to actively engage with the campus community in her upcoming role as vice president of Associated Students.

“There isn’t a universal Titan experience and especially during this unique time,” Dawson said. “It’s so important to be sure that the university is providing an equitable experience for all students.”

Dawson, a double major in American studies and communications with an emphasis in entertainment and tourism, ran along-side Josh Mitchell, the upcoming ASI president and had a platform intended to represent as many students on campus.

The three pillars of their campaign were adaptability, communication and transparency.

Dawson explained that the pillar of adaptability focuses on advocating for adaptive means of learning for students in the wake of COVID-19, while communication focuses on ASI engagement on campus and actively listening to students.

“We also are interested in the topic of providing scholarships for international students and finding ways to best support international students on campus and the unique challenges that they face,” Dawson said.

Dawson said transparency will focus on student finances and academics, including a breakdown for students to better understand where their money is going.

“We want to find ways to communicate this to students and if students are unhappy with where their fees are going, advocating for change to best serve our campus population,” Dawson said.

She said a goal she set for her role as vice president alongside Mitchell is to continue the development of a food pantry on campus.

“Even though Cal State Fullerton is one of the largest CSUs, we have one of the least developed food pantries to support our students,” Dawson said.

Dawson said she recognized that following a year of being in a pandemic, there are more students who could be experiencing housing or food insecurity and this is the perfect time to focus on developing that resource.

She’s also a member of the Alpha Delta Pi sorority on campus and has contributed to the chapter in a leadership role and volunteered at The Ronald McDonald House Charities, which is the chapter’s philanthropy.

The Ronald McDonald House Charities raise money to support families with sick children and alleviate financial costs.

Dawson said she has worked with the Orange County chapter of The Ronald McDonald House and has helped prepare meals for the families living in the house.

Dawson also held the position of Greek week chair for her sorority and has overall shown tremendous leadership skills, said Josilyn Grant, the sorority’s chapter president.

“She’s always going to put diversity, equity, and inclusion first. She’s going to put the needs of others first,” Grant said. “She’s just overall a great leader and someone that really leads with passion and respect.”

Dawson currently serves on the Communications Inter-Club Council for the College of Communications, programming coordinator for ASI and is also part of an organization called TeamNEGU in support of children with cancer.

In the council, Dawson is on the executive board as the director of administration with responsibilities that include creating newsletters, communicating with various student club representatives and taking meeting minutes.

Natalie Tran, a fourth-year communications studies major and the chair for the council, said she’s happy for Dawson’s elected position in ASI and believes her experience with the council board will support her position.

“This year, with everything being virtual, we had to pivot and adjust how we ran the funding council and I think that all of her experiences with this very unique situation will help her in her new position as students return back to school,” Tran said.

With her position as program coordinator for ASI, Dawson said she has had a focus on producing virtual concerts for students and acting as the creative director for the event and producing the show.

Jacob Fry, a third- year communications student, is ASI’s current program director and oversees Dawson in her role.

“Kira has gone above and beyond what she’s been asked of here at ASI, so as a program coordinator Kira has shown a level of diligence and skill in her work that’s above par to most,” Fry said.

Fry said he supports Dawson in her new role as ASI vice president and looks forward to the perspective she will bring from her ASI programming background.

“I see Kira actively taking steps and learning more about the intricacies and the leadership that ASI has, so that she can be better informed when her role starts,” Fry said.

After graduating from CSUF, Dawson said she plans on applying her double degree in production management or production coordination.

“I feel like Kira is the person that can do anything in life,” Grant said. “Whatever she decides to do in the future I know she’s going to be great at it and I just think that the future holds endless possibilities for her and I’m so excited to see what she does in the future.”

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