ASI Meeting for December 1

The ASI meeting on Dec. 1 voted to support a resolution adopting the Phillipine Human Rights Act. (Screenshot / Daily Titan)

On Tuesday, Cal State Fullerton's Associated Students stood in solidarity with the Phillipinx community as they unanimously passed a resolution that supports the Phillipine Human Rights Act.

The board of directors’ passage of the proposal was to contribute to the community’s efforts toward ending human rights violations.

As an effort to educate students on global human rights violations, ASI condemned the implications of the Anti-Terrorism Act recently passed by Rodrigo Duterte, president of the Philippines.

The Anti-Terrorism Act replaces the previous Human Security Act of 2007 and allows people to be jailed without a judicial warrant of arrest for up to 14 days, which widens the definition of what an act of terror consists of.

In September, Pennsylvania Rep. Susan Wild introduced the Philippine Human Rights Act to Congress, proposing the government limit assistance and financial support to Philippines’ military and police.

Janica Torres, chief inclusion and diversity officer of ASI, shared that CSUF has a 4.2% Phillippinx population and that the Pilipino American Student Association is the largest cultural student association on campus.

“The Pilipinx American Student Association is the largest cultural student organization on campus with over 200 Pilipinx and non-Pilipinx members,” Torres said. “ All of whom may be affected by the implications of the Anti-Terror law.”

Other ASI commitments include support of CSUF’s actions on informing students about the issues and human rights violations happening in the Philippines, promoting how the Philippine Human Rights Act can help end the oppression and distributing printouts of the resolution to spread awareness and gain support for the bill.

ASI agreed to contact Young Kim, Congresswoman-elect of the 39th District, the Cal State Student Association and the Chancellor’s Office to ask them to endorse the act. The board will also contact the CSUF Academic Senate to pass a similar resolution supporting the Philippine Human Rights Act.

ASI President Marcus Reveles thanked Torres for drafting the article and supporting the Philippinx community.

“This is why I’m in ASI,” Reveles said. “I am super proud to be working with the team that is currently here right now. Thank you, everyone, for your support and I hope everyone does support this.”

Tuesday’s meeting was the last of the scheduled ASI board of directors meetings for the fall semester.

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