Titan Dreamers Resource Center

The Titan Dreamers Resource Center is located inside the Pollak Library South 180 in room 185. (Nathan Nguyen / Daily Titan)

The Titan Dreamers Resource Center will host a free immigration legal clinic for recent Cal State Fullerton graduates and their families on Dec. 17 at 9 a.m. via Zoom.

The center has offered these services for current students but recently they have been offering them to 2019-21 graduates.

Some of the services provided for alumni include renewal for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, family petition, immigration relief screening and any immigration legal question.

Areli Castro, the coordinator for the Titan Dreamers Resource Center, said she expects that the majority of students will request advice in DACA renewal, although many more services will be offered.

“Part of the legal services that the university provides through our provider, Carecen, it has been approved by our Carecen providers that recent graduates are able to access legal services, free legal services,” Castro said.

She said that more funding sourced by their providers enabled the resource center to extend the services to graduates. Two years ago only current students, faculty and staff were able to receive them.

“Thanks to more funding the services have been extended for students who have graduated within the last two years. Right now, we are intending to serve those students who graduated since 2019,” Castro said.

Castro said that currently, there is no set end date for providing the legal services to recent graduates, but can see it going into next semester and they will continue doing it until the budget allows.

She added that the upcoming legal clinic will announce the expansion of the services and explain how graduates can make appointments to speak with attorneys and paralegals after the clinic.

“Part of next Friday's legal clinic we have set up times that attorneys and paralegals will be meeting with folks that have made appointments, and everything will be through Zoom or a phone call,” Castro said.

The resource center has various services for current students and the community aside from legal services such as mental health and wellness support, mentorships and co-curricular engagement opportunities.

Appointments are free and can be booked through the resource center’s website. After the Dec. 17 clinic, these services will be available for all graduates from 2019 and forward.

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