The #TitansGive campaign was held virtually for the first time on March 9 raising over $450,000. (Anthony Robles / Daily Titan)


The #TitansGive campaign raised over $450,000 in donations that will go toward various Cal State Fullerton programs.

The 24-hour campaign was held virtually on March 9 and received funds from over 1,400 donors, according to the campaign’s website.

The 2021 campaign raised $200,000 more than the first event held in 2020, earning nearly double the total amount of funds with twice the amount of donors.

The university encouraged all members of the Titan community to donate and allowed donors to decide where their funds went.

“When people donate, they indicate where they want to give, and that money goes directly there,” said Grace Johnson, the associate director of annual campaigns. “People tell us where the money wants to be used, we put it there.”

Some of the programs that were featured on their website included the Pollak Library, Titans Athletics, Fullerton Arboretum and many other departments and student programs.

Student programs received $25,880, covering services such as the ASI food pantry, diversity initiatives and resource centers across campus. The library received $6,780 and Titan Athletics received $31,300.

Johnson said, the University Advancement launched its first #TitansGive day campaign last year as a starting point for hosting a solitary “giving push” that the campus could annually rally behind.

“The giving happens in one day, so we are pushing people to make as many gifts as possible to the areas they believe in,” Johnson said. “We really try and make it exciting and make it fun by allowing people to have the opportunity to maximize their giving.”

Individuals not affiliated with CSUF were still able to donate and support the university programs, Johnson said.

One of the activities included in the campaign was the PepsiCo Donor Challenge, where the department that brought in the most donors received an additional $5,000 bonus.

“We allow people to create pages, and they can talk exactly about their program, their center, their scholarship, why they need the funding, how the funding will help, and they then can use that webpage to receive donations,” Johnson said. “We really try and do make this be as encompassing as possible.”

Johnson said that University Advancement tried to find new ways to financially support CSUF through pushing boundaries with new methods of fundraising for the university, which was a large motivation for the day of giving campaign.

“As faculty and staff, we can build upon this legacy of giving, and we can encourage students to understand the importance of it,” Johnson said. “They can continue to leave their legacy with giving, for years to come.”

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