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Jose Paez, Fullerton Union High School’s ex-resource officerpled not guilty to the charge of disorderly conduct, on Oct. 2 at the North Justice Center in Fullerton.

While Paez was not present in the courtroom during his arraignment, his attorney Jacqueline Goodman, entered a plea of not guilty. 

Investigation into Paez began in the summer of 2018 on allegations of disorderly conduct while Paez was still on duty. The Orange County District Attorney looked into the last five years of Paez’s on-duty public interaction after allegations came out. 

The former Fullerton Police Department officer is in violation for using his personal cell phone to make recordings and take photos up a 16-year-old high school student’s skirt, according to the Orange County DA. 

However, Paez’s alleged misconduct as a school resource officer dates back to August 2017 when he adjusted his body camera’s angle to capture video of a female teacher’s skirt and upper legs during an interview.

The evidence used to assess the alleged disorderly conduct was retrieved from the footage Paez pulled from his cell phone and body camera, according to Friends for Fullerton’s Future. 

The recordings were made while Paez was conducting a police investigation on the Fullerton Union High School campus. The incident occurred in November 2017.  

The duties Paez held as a school resource officer included linking students to crime preventative service agencies and connecting students to counseling provided on the high school campus. In addition, Paez investigated and reported on crimes involving students and worked alongside detectives for reinforcement. 

During the investigation of Paez’s career within the police department, he was relocated from his school resource officer position to a desk assignment. 

After eight years of employment with the department, Paez’s employment ended in May 2019. 

These events make up a portion of the 23 recorded incidents that occurred over the course of Paez’s career at Fullerton Union High School, according to Friends for Fullerton’s Future. 

Paez’s pre-trial is set for Dec. 2 at the North Justice Center, with Deputy District Attorney Jake Jondle assigned to prosecute the case. 

If the former Fullerton Police Department officer is convicted, he may serve a maximum of one year in the Orange County Jail.

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