Fullerton Restaurant

Guests dine at the Fullerton Brew Co. in December 2020 following COVID-19 guidelines. (Camille Manaloto / Daily Titan)

Orange County entered the orange tier on Wednesday, which allows businesses to increase capacity as health metrics improve.

The transition is due to improvements in the COVID-19 positivity rate, adjusted case rate and county health equity metrics.

This is the first time the county entered the orange tier since the state implemented its "Blueprint for a Safer Economy" reopening tier system in August 2020.

Bowling alleys and wineries can now open at 25% capacity, while retail stores are no longer required to limit customer capacity.

Indoor dining can increase capacity to 50%, as well as movie theaters, museums, zoos and churches. Bars that do not serve food can now serve customers outside.

Amusement parks can open at a 25% capacity, and sporting events can expand up to a 33% capacity starting April 1.

The Los Angeles Angels will sell an additional 5,000 tickets for their MLB season opener on Thursday night, as permitted in the orange tier.

Disneyland has set its date of opening for April 30, while Knott’s Berry Farm announced they expect to open in May.

Matthew Gamboa, a Disneyland employee and Anaheim resident, said he doesn’t expect his work experience to change too much as restrictions ease.

“I'm just gonna be waiting around to see what happens, to see if there's any spike in COVID cases or if anything happens really,” Gamboa said.

He said he will feel safer going to places like gyms and movie theatres when more people, including himself, get vaccinated.

Gamboa, who lives near Angel Stadium, said Anaheim will be more crowded as it enters the orange tier.

“Our street is actually the direct entryway into the Angel Stadium, so I know when they have games and all the cars are gonna backup, it’s gonna be really hard to get in,” Gamboa said.

The Orange County Health Care Agency reported 146 daily positive cases on Wednesday, with 141 currently hospitalized and 26 in the ICU.

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