Candidates clash in race for the 39th district

(Young Kim Campaign Committee)

Republican Young Kim defeated incumbent Democrat Gil Cisneros for California’s 39th Congressional District which overlaps portions of Orange, Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties.

This is the second time Cisneros has faced Kim for the seat in the 39th Congressional District, which includes cities like Fullerton, Diamond Bar, Chino Hills and more. Kim led by 8.6% in the 2018 election before Cisneros took the lead in the days following as mail-in ballots were counted. 

Once all votes were counted in 2018, Cisneros was deemed the winner by a narrow 941 votes. This time around, Kim secured her seat in the House of Representatives by earning 50.6% of the votes.

In a press release, Cisneros recalled the work he had done over the last two years which included fighting to protect healthcare, lowering drug prices, preserving the environment and supporting veterans, he said.

I hope she will continue my willingness to reach across the aisle in order to get results, because her success is the 39th District’s success,” Cisneros said.  

Kim will be among the first Korean American women to serve in Congress alongside newly appointed representative for the 48th Congressional District Michelle Steel and Washington Democrat Marilyn Strickland. 

“Whoever you voted for in this election, I hope you know that regardless of any difference we may have, I will always work on your behalf and fight for you,” Kim said via Twitter. “Our community is such a wonderful place because we come together to look out for one another.”  

Kim, who served in the state assembly, said she promises to find bipartisan solutions for healthcare policies and lessen the tax burden on struggling families and businesses. 

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