Pollak library

The Pollak Library will allow for students to reserve study spaces for a maximum of 2 hours. (Eder Ramirez / Daily Titan)

As Cal State Fullerton's campus continues to resemble a ghost town, the Pollak Library is now allowing students to reserve study spaces on the north side’s first floor. 

Although the library remains closed to the public, CSUF students can reserve a study space for up to 2 hours by visiting the library’s COVID-19 page.

“We reopened the first floor north only to provide a space for the students who are coming to campus for an in-person class and have a virtual class immediately before or after,” said Dr. Emily Bonney, dean of the library in an email to the Daily Titan. “They can reserve space for two hours at a time or for a maximum of six hours a week” 

Capacity will be limited to 100 people with the condition of following the President’s Directive — Covid-19: Mitigation Measures and Guidelines. The directive outlines rules to be followed; a failure to do so will result in disciplinary action.

Besides enforcing face masks, group-studying is prohibited as seating is arranged for one person per table.

“A community services officer checks students in and ensures that people comply with the rules about masks and distancing,” Bonney said in the email. “Tables are spaced appropriately for social distancing and there is a single chair at each table.” 

Library services such as printers, computers, study rooms and other specialized support will not be available.

“We can't provide any of the specialized support whether through (Disability Support Services) or the Maker Space we were about to launch. And of course (students) can't look for books in the stacks which is a shame now that the entire collection is back in the building and available,” Bonney said. 

Other offered resources are librarian assistance, e-books and databases which are available 24 hours a day. For any detailed assistance, students have the option to schedule an appointment with a librarian via Zoom by clicking the link.

Bonney added that the lack of students and faculty on campus make it challenging to keep them informed of the resources available to them. 

“We are particularly focused this year on issues of diversity, equity and inclusiveness and accomplishing that work virtually is a real challenge. But we are committed to this cause,” Bonney said. 

The library first closed in March when CSUF President Fram Virjee announced the closure of campus.

Although there is no specific date for the building’s reopening — especially now that spring 2021 will be virtual — Bonney said, “know that we are eager to get back onto campus and welcome everyone back into the building.”

The library’s hours of operations have been reduced to Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

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