Associated Students board of directors appointed a new representative for the College of Engineering and Computer Science. (Photo courtesy of Cal State Fullerton)

A new member was welcomed to Cal State Fullerton’s Associated Students board of directors at their virtual meeting on Tuesday. 

Graduate student, Anjali Iyer was unanimously appointed as the new representative for the College of Engineering and Computer Science, her position is effective immediately through May 31, 2021. 

Seleena Mukbel, the board’s vice chair and member of the ASI governance committee, said the process that the applicants went through consisted of short presentations, discussions between committee members and a final vote. She then recommended Iyer as a strong applicant due to her time working with a global youth-led organization named Aiesec that focuses on developing a young person’s skills as well as the expansion of their exploration experiences.

“She worked a lot internationally, she worked with a big non profit organization that helps students find internships so I think she would be good as a team player,” Mukbel said.

Radhika Sharma, the other representative for the College of Engineering and Computer Science, mirrored Mukbel’s sentiments about the appointee. She reiterated how good of a candidate Iyer is due to her leadership skills in addition to her past experiences in other countries. 

“I think that her and I can work on similar things and still have different goals to work towards and direct to different groups in the College of Engineering and Computer Science,” Sharma said. 

Given the opportunity to address the board, Iyer introduced herself as a Dubai native and emphasized how moving away from home has taught her a lot about different cultures and communities. 

She recounted her leadership experience at Aiesec. Being the team leader of five individuals, Iyer’s group led an entire process that aided students in finding traineeships abroad, from booking tickets to getting student’s their visas. She was able to help 10 students that were traveling to other countries, including but not limited to Greece and Egypt. 

That really taught me a lot about leadership and you know I could tap into my potential as developing my leadership skills,” Iyer said. “(Aeisac) taught me about team bonding and you know to keep five people engaged and productive and happy without pay, it's really difficult but you know I was able to learn a lot.” 

Iyer went on to tell the board about her goals if she were to be elected into the position. She spoke about improving engagement within her college by having a system in which students, faculty or anyone could submit ideas that she would then try to address. 

She said she desires to remedy shortcomings between international and American students.

For the position of the board I really wanted to address the problem that international students and American students, there is a gap between both these communities so I just wanted to bridge that gap and work towards that as my term here,” Iyer said. 

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