Voices of CSUF

(Arianna Gutierrez / Daily Titan)

By Nylene Garcia

Like many other students, COVID-19 has derailed many academic plans and sent school into an unforeseen, virtual world. 

Prior to the pandemic, I was at the tail end of my favorite and most productive school year so far. I am a sophomore here at Cal State Fullerton. 

As a broadcast journalism major, I am involved with Titan Sports, Titan Radio, Latino Journalists and the Latino Communications Institute. My goal for Summer 2020 was to land a summer internship in the entertainment news industry. 

While many programs cancel their internships and all applications are terminated, valuable hands-on experience in the professional world is slipping through not just mine, but all college students’ fingers.

After wrestling with negative thoughts, I finally concluded that even though it may not happen in the summer or this coming fall, my and others’ hard work will definitely not decrease in value. 

It is also important to remember that it’s not over yet. Some internships will still be able to move forward virtually and find ways to provide students with valuable experience.

Today’s unprecedented times call for personal creative projects that can add to our resumes.

It is valuable for anyone to start a project that can be used to market themself to future programs or jobs. Blogs, YouTube channels, websites and many more will be especially noted by employers. 

We are now living in the midst of the most uncertain time; may we proceed with grace and gratitude for the things we still have. 

Most importantly, may no one forget that health is the best wealth. 

“Voices of CSUF” is a series where students, faculty or staff members at CSUF may share their experience on how their life has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. If you would like to submit a story, email it to voices@dailytitan.com with your CSUF email. Stories are subject to light copy editing.

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