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(Arianna Gutierrez / Daily Titan)

By Rebeca Loyola

After two weeks in quarantine, I thought I was going to lose it if I had to continue to stay at home. I’m currently a sophomore majoring in broadcast journalism; I was so excited and determined to make the best out of the semester at CSUF. 

My classes were looking good and I was interested in joining Titan Sports. I was looking forward to gaining some experience in news production and reporting. We were mid-way into the semester and I had finally made up my mind to visit Titan Sports during filming. They were extremely welcoming and I couldn’t wait to get started. 

The following week, the university announced that we would continue the semester on a virtual platform — I was so confused at how fast this was escalating.

The first 10 days of quarantine weren’t all that bad. Besides watching Netflix series and Disney Plus, I was able to cook and focus on my hobbies like playing acoustic guitar. I had so much free time, but it started to hit me that I didn’t feel like doing anything school related. It was incredibly frustrating because, before all of this I was so willing to put in the work. All I had been hearing was bad news: people dying, losing their jobs, the economy was at its worst since the recession. 

Thinking about sitting down and doing school work was overwhelming and it was beginning to have an impact on my mental health. 

Eventually, I had enough of not being productive and one day I felt incredibly motivated to get back into work mode. My plan was to set a schedule; I did this by setting reminders on my phone and writing them down on my desk calendar. Creating a schedule has put me back in control and helped me increase my productivity. 

Learning from home hasn’t been the easiest. With a distracting 18-month-old sibling and a mom who is constantly assigning me house chores, it can be hard to focus. However, I’m grateful that I get to be with my family because I know that many don’t have the option. 

These days I’ve felt a lot more optimistic. I’ve stopped with the “I want things to go back to normal” mentality. I’m aware that things aren’t going to go back to normal, and that’s OK. Let us continue to watch out for one another. 

“Voices of CSUF” is a series where students, faculty or staff members at CSUF may share their experience on how their life has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. If you would like to submit a story, email it to voices@dailytitan.com with your CSUF email. Stories are subject to light copy editing.

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