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Annabelle, a raggedy doll connected to menacing energy, is the epitome of haunted antique dolls. Many ornate dolls just like Annabelle, hang off of antique shops’ shelves, collecting dust and staring off into the abyss with their beady eyes. 

But to some antique shoppers, dolls are a time-honored relic that must be preserved and played with at home. Little do they know, tucking an antique doll into one’s bed could awaken the artifacts’ ominous energy. Altogether, dolls with paranormal reports must be kicked off the shelves for good as antique shoppers hunt for hidden gems.

As many college students and young adults delve into antique shops, scouring through jewelry, furniture and odd memorabilia, allegedly haunted dolls should not be sold. 

As vintage items cycle between thrift stores and private homes, they may pick up their previous owners’ energies, imbuing dolls with a sinister aura. This means that the next person to spot them may unwittingly invite a hostile presence into their space. 

Dolls, specifically, are home to souls. Jade Moser, a medium who cleanses homes and heals clients, strolled through an antique shop. She sensed a doll by the name “Black Lea” as a threatening presence. A paranormal investigation crew that joined her used their word-generating Ovilus III, a white-noise generating ‘Spirit Box’ that cycles through radio waves and a Paranormal Puck device, which disseminates words through a text function.

These devices can be manipulated by lingering spirits’ energy to spur responses, ultimately establishing a portal of communication. As the team hovered the device around “Black Lea,” words such as “enemy” and “demon” were blurted. 

Even customers were unsettled being near “Black Lea,” as some labeled it a creepy doll. 

The sight of a glassy porcelain doll in an antique shop may spook some, as no one truly knows who the previous owners were. At the same time, dolls are likely intertwined with residual human energy that could run rampant in new snuggly homes. 

Many personal accounts reveal that antique playthings often take on a more sinister ownership. 

According to an interview with Mental Floss, Kathryn Blowers - McNamara, who specializes in selling antique and haunted dolls on her own time said, “Before you start collecting haunted items, please learn how to spiritually protect yourself and your house. If you have kids in the home, do not bring in spirits to the home.”

Bringing home haunted dolls not only puts the owner at risk but those around them may be endangered by the tormented spirits dwelling within the toy.

Some may argue that antique dolls are nothing more than an artifact to tell eerie stories and keep others buried in their bedsheets. Paranormal activity is nonsensical to some as every living aspect is supposedly grounded in science. 

But, as newfound revelations are uncovered across all matters of life, the otherworldly is not sufficiently explored. A poor understanding of the supernatural should dissuade people from buying or playing with haunted items for their safety. 

Dolls have been a part of human play for thousands of years, including in Ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece. Their purposes range, whether it entails magic, voodoo or religious rituals. Since dolls can be constructed out of anything, such as vinyl, rags or porcelain, their intention can be aimed at everything. 

This checkered history contextualizes how a simple toy could be used as a vessel for harmful intentions or unknown energy. Avoiding dolls that are connected to mysterious accounts ensures the containment of those emanations. 

Antique shops should not sell dolls specifically because of the supernatural ties they may have. Their sole home is museums, where visitors can view them in admiration and bewilderment in places such as Fort East Martello Museum that features “Robert,” the sailor doll and Quesnel and District Museum and Archives that showcases “Mandy.”

Haunted dolls patiently sit on antique shops’ shelves, awaiting their next possessor. Their glazed eyes trail after every customer until they are welcomed into their next sweet home, unless, of course, they are avoided at all costs.

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