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Instead of staring at a phone all day, children have to get out and experience more than a screen. The addictive nature of phones is leading t…

Rather than embracing the great outdoors or physically interacting with others, children between the ages of five and 12 spend countless hours in front of their mobile screens. Not only are they missing out on essential parts of their childhood, but the time spent on their phones ultimately results in a loss of imagination.   […]

Larry Stroup, 53, stores his clothes at the La Palma Check-in Center, a Mercy House Living Centers facility in Anaheim. When not stored at the…

[tribulant_slideshow post_id=”109274″] When you meet Alison Sanchez, assistant program manager at the Fullerton Armory Emergency Shelter, you would never know that she once called the shelter home. She was living as an addict on the streets until seven years ago, when she was brought to the shelter. She has been in recovery ever since and […]