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From Chris Edelson, J.D., assistant professor of government at American University, School of Public Affairs Donald Trump is running a presidential campaign that often seems to be more about projecting strength than it is about specific policy positions. Trump presents himself to voters as a “strong man” type who would deport more than 10 million […]

A cold metal table presses against someone’s back, the air around smells of musk and bleach and there is a faint smell of blood lingering in the room. The sound of footsteps walking toward the room’s door only increases panic levels. Those footsteps will soon reach the room and pain is surely imminent. This may […]

One of the most important principles that defines American freedom is the provision within the Bill of Rights that grants Americans a free and fair trial. For suspected war criminals, the treatment has traditionally been different. Rather than a civilian court, many want enemy combatants to be tried through military court. When a suspect is […]

Abu Anas al-Libi, an alleged al-Qaida terrorist, pleaded not guilty Tuesday to terrorism charges for the bombing of several U.S. embassies in Africa. Upon his capture, the question arose of whether or not he should be tortured during the interrogation process. Enhanced interrogation techniques were used by the Bush administration after the attacks of Sept. […]