CSUF tennis is riding a six-game win streak after dominating its opponents in singles and doubles play over the weekend. The team will travel to Hawaii to face the University of the Pacific Tigers on March 15 before taking on University of Hawaii on Saturday, March 17.

The Titans hold the top spot in the Big West conference after coming out victorious in their two conference play matches earlier this year, bringing their overall record to 12-2.

Fullerton had an eventful weekend after it took on Boston and came out with a 4-0 victory, something assistant coach Ellie Edles said looked easier in the numbers than it was on court.

“The matches were definitely really close, even though it was a 4-0 win it was definitely a closer match than how the score looked,” Edles said.

CSUF also had another big win against Utah State after it shot them down early in singles play, something they credited to their focus on recovery before the match.

Both Boston and Utah State competed fiercely against the Titans, and Pacific and Hawaii may give Fullerton tougher competition.

Pacific is 2-4 record and currently on a four-game losing streak following its 4-3 loss to Cal Poly.

The Titans will have to be strategic in their Saturday match against Hawaii, as the Rainbow Wahine are No. 4 in the Big West standings with a 5-3 overall record and are 2-1 in conference. Hawaii’s duo, Nikola Dolakova and Klara Pribylova lead the team with a 9-6 record, while Michelle Pits leads singles with a 9-5 overall record.

Edles stressed that the team should rest physically if they want to continue their streak heading into conference play.

“Main thing is we’ve got to recover, we’ve had a couple matches this week,” Edles said. “They definitely deserve to be feeling pretty confident, they’ve played well these last couple matches.

In the match against Utah, the Titans were exempt from playing in doubles after they went 4-2 in their singles matches. But despite a strong start, Edles wants to make sure the team is prepared for doubles play.

“Everyday we’re just trying to get better and better. We’ve been working a lot on doubles,” Edles said. “In singles same thing, it’s just coming out to a strong start.”

The Titans will open up their weekend matches with Pacific starting at 1 p.m. at the University of Hawaii Tennis Complex.

Kathryne Padilla contributed to this report.

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