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The CSUF women’s tennis team traveled up to Northern California over the weekend to compete against both Santa Clara and San Jose State. The Titans went 1-1 overall with a loss against Santa Clara on Saturday and a comeback win against San Jose on Sunday.

Saturday was a heartbreaker for the Titans who lost their duel against Santa Clara 4-0 after a series of close matches.

The day started with the Broncos taking the 1-0 lead by winning the doubles point, with victories from Elvena Gevargiz and Madison Clarke over Garcia and Suh, and Jamie Schroer and Caitlyn Frankel over Acidera and Valenzuela. The match between Maddie Pothoff and Katya Tabachnik against Zeidan and Torband was left unfinished because Santa Clara had already clinched the doubles point.

The lack of momentum did not deter CSUF from fighting hard in the singles matches, but the Broncos were able to take the first three matches in the first two sets, which meant the Titans would not get to finish their remaining matches.

Despite the loss, The Titans had several standout performances including Petra Such, who was well on her way to victory before the match was called off. She led Giulia Hayer 6-4, 5-3 before the unceremonious end of the duel.

Another standout athlete was Camila Garcia, who battled back after a loss in her first singles set to win the second set 6-2. She was looking to take a victory home for the Titans in the third and final set, but she was also stopped short.

Sunday was a nail-biter, with the Titans earning a narrow 4-3 victory over San Jose.

The doubles point was clinched after Camila Garcia and Yuseung Suh won 6-1 against Tamara Culibrk and Laura Malsert, and Jadie Acidera and Genevieve Zeidan received a forfeit win due to San Jose not sending out any opponents. Eira Tobrand and Petra Such were in the middle of a 3-4 match with Savannah Sendar and Lara Marco Mas when it was called off due to the Titans claiming the doubles point with their two wins.

After CSUF swept the doubles set to earn the first point, San Jose fought back during the singles portion and earned three points to knot up the score. It all came down to the final set of Acidera’s match with Culibrk, where Acidera was able to dominate the set, 6-1, securing the singles point and the team win for the Titans.

Tobrand picked up a win over Rozalina Youseva, and Taylor Valenzuela earned a forfeit win due to having no opponent from San Jose. Suh, Such and Garcia all had competitive singles matches but were unable to walk away with wins.

CSUF will return in their first Big West conference duel against Long Beach State on Friday at 2 p.m.

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