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The entrance of Angel Stadium displaying large graphics of players

The City of Anaheim built the Major League Baseball stadium, the Angel Stadium of Anaheim, in the 1960s and has been the property’s sole owner since. As of Oct. 6, the sale of the stadium, known as the Big A, along with 150 acres of surrounding land has been secured for $320 million. 

This sale comes after Anaheim’s City Council approved a plan that will impact the future of baseball in Anaheim. The council refers to this plan as “The Big A: 2050.”

The plan serves two purposes for the city of Anaheim: secure the Angels baseball team for another 30 years and increase a positive economic impact and community for residents. 

Part of the agreement is to use 150 acres for the development of apartments, homes, hotels and entertainment use.The other part is a commitment for the Angels baseball team to continue playing in Anaheim through the year 2050. 

According to the city council’s master site plan, the project site will be approximately 820 acres located in the city’s south-central area, otherwise known as the Platinum Triangle. The Platinum Triangle encompasses the Honda Center, the Grove of Anaheim, the stadium and surrounding buildings, parks, hotels, restaurants and retail stores. 

The master site plan is designed to ensure the Angel Stadium remains operational while a new stadium is constructed and completed. The proposed site of the new stadium will be approximately 11 acres east of the current stadium. 

In addition to the new stadium, the project includes: up to 5,175 housing units, 2.7 million square feet of office space, approximately 1.7 million square feet of commercial space and approximately 5.2 acres of parks and recreation.

The project also proposes the incorporation of a fire station, retention of the municipal water well facility and a community benefit park which would be between five to eight acres. 

The proposed master site plan also includes upgrades to the existing infrastructure such as dedicating land for road widening along Katella Ave., State College Blvd. and Orangewood Ave. An event traffic management plan will be proposed to enhance traffic conditions on stadium event days and to adequately separate event and non-event traffic within the Platinum Triangle.  

The agreement of sale incorporates community benefits that are guaranteed for the residents of Anaheim. One requirement is to have union construction jobs with priority hiring for Anaheim residents. The project ensures affordable housing and a flagship city park to be included in the Platinum Triangle. The end goal is to create an economically-mixed community that blends affordable and market rate apartments. 

Pedro Gonzalez, a third year Cal State Fullerton student, said he is very excited for the improvements coming to the stadium. Gonzalez attended his first game at Angel Stadium when he was 10 years old and believes the project proposal will bring excitement and revenue to Anaheim, he said. 

“I’ve been to Angel games before and it’s a good experience, but the utilities are a little dated,” Gonzalez said . “If you have a bunch of businesses, it adds to the experience. Like instead of going for like a day, you can spend a whole weekend there.” 

So who is the new owner of the Big A? SRB Management LLC, which is made up of Angels owner Arte Moreno and family, will be paying $320 million for the Angel Stadium and surrounding property. 

The sale of the stadium is now part of the trend toward private ownership, similar to that of the Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles and the SoFi Stadium in Inglewood. The sale is set to close in late 2021 or early 2022.


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