Cal State Fullerton Men’s Golf Feb.11, 2019.Photo by Matt Brown

Cal State Fullerton Men’s Golf Feb.11, 2019.

Photo by Matt Brown

The CSUF men’s golf team wrapped up its third and final round of the 54-hole Oregon State Invitational on Tuesday at the Trysting Tree Golf Club in Corvallis, Oregon.

The Titans placed eighth out of 15 schools, as they finished 24-over-par-876.

Tuesday was the second day of the 2-day tournament. The second round started on Monday, the first day of the tournament, but play was suspended due to darkness. The second round was then resumed and completed on Tuesday along with the third round.

The Titans called on two seniors, a junior and two freshmen to represent them at the tournament.

This was the first time Oregon State hosted a men’s golf tournament since 2012, when they hosted the Pac-12 Championship at the same golf club.

Oregon State entered an “A” team into the tournament, which consisted of three upperclassmen and two sophomores. The Beavers also entered a “B” team into the tournament, which consisted of three juniors, a sophomore and a freshman.

CSUF finished 42 strokes behind Oregon State’s “A” team. The Beavers placed first, 18-under-par, and were led by Carson Barry’s 11-under-par finish with a hole-in-one on the fourth hole in the third round.

The next four teams to place were the University of San Francisco in second place, finishing 1-over-par. The University of Utah and the University of Arizona tied for third place, finishing 13-over-par each and Oregon State’s “B” team in fifth place, finishing 18-over-par.

The Titans were led by seniors Jack Dyer, and Derek Castillo.

On the individual leaderboards, Dyer placed eighth overall, finishing the third round of the tournament with 70 strokes, 1-under-par. For Dyer, 15 holes out of 18 holes in this round were on par or below. 

Dyer finished with 212 strokes throughout the tournament.

Castillo finished tied for 16th place on the individual leaderboards, ending the third round with 73 strokes, 2-over-par. Castillo managed par or below in 13 of the 18 holes. 

Castillo finished with 216 strokes throughout the tournament.

Junior Dalton Daniel finished the tournament tied for 34th place. He finished the third round with 75 strokes, 4-overpar.

Freshman Garret Boe finished tied for 59th place but showed promise in the third round as he finished with 67 strokes, 4-under-par. Fellow freshman Trevor McNary finished in 76th place overall with 77 strokes in total, 6-overpar in the third round.

There was a total of 80 participating players at the tournament.

Dyer and Boe were the only Titans who finished without a double bogey in the third round.

The Titans will head to Hoakalei Country Club in Ewa Beach, Hawaii for the Hoakalei Country Club Invitational from Oct. 28 to Oct. 30 in what will be their fourth and last tournament of 2019.


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