Dylan Robinson men's soccer Santa Clara

Freshman midfielder Dylan Robinson attempts a shot against LMU on Sept. 3 in Titan Stadium (CSUF Athletics).

Cal State Fullerton men's soccer match against Santa Clara University on Friday night ended in a draw, 1-1, after both teams failed to score in two overtimes. This is Fullerton’s second tie of the season as their record is now 2-4-2.

Freshman forward Dylan Robinson scored Fullerton’s only goal of the match and the first of his collegiate career.

This is Santa Clara’s first draw of the season as their record now stands 6-1-1. Their only goal of the match came from senior forward Oladayo Thomas.

In the first half, both teams displayed a different offensive style. Santa Clara played a more aggressive offense as they attempted eight shots while Fullerton remained more passive as they only shot one attempt.

Santa Clara came out strong in the first 17 minutes, but they shot and missed their first five shot attempts. Two of those five attempts came from midfielder Alejandro Barajas.

At the 24th minute, Bronco’s’ goalkeeper Andreu Cases Mundet saved a shot attempt from Titan’s midfielder Charly Anguiano, which was Fullerton’s only shot attempt in the first half.

Broncos’ forward Dominic Vegaalban had an opportunity to give Santa Clara the lead three minutes later, as he attempted a shot that headed to bottom right, but was saved by Fullerton goalkeeper Jose Espino.

Santa Clara’s forward Javier Ruiz Duran had two opportunities near the end of the first half to take the lead. One came during the 32nd minute where his attempted shot ended up on top of the goal. The second missed shot came seven minutes later.

At halftime, the score was 0-0, and both teams entered the second half trying to gain momentum and a lead.

Before the start of the second, Kutnz made an emphasis of getting more players involved, being less timid and more aggressive. Kutnz’s message may have ignited the team as they attempted eight shots in the second half.

After both teams combined to miss the first three shots of the half, Robinson scored the first goal of the match off a corner kick assist by midfielder Sebastion Cruz in the 54th minute.

Robinson described the moment to be “unreal” to score his collegiate goal.

“I talked to a couple players before the game and they were just telling me to stay ready, that my opportunity could be coming. And it was a dream just to get that opportunity… and score,” Robinson said.

Despite being down 1-0, Santa Clara responded from a goal made by Thomas where he was assisted by forward Dylan Bartlett and midfielder Alex Achramowicz to tie the game, 1-1.

The two goals were the only ones scored as both teams missed a combined total of 10 shot attempts during the 34 minutes of regulation. Six shot attempts came from Fullerton and four from Santa Clara.

Going into overtime, the teams had a 10-minute period to score one goal and secure the win.

Within the first minute of overtime, Santa Clara’s Bartlett shot an attempt that went out on the top right of the goal. Less than a minute later, midfielder and defender Alex Thompson-Hill attempted a shot that went out on top of the goal.

Both teams attempted one shot each in the first overtime, which were unsuccessful.

Going into the second overtime, the stakes were raised as whoever scores claims the game, but both draw if none find the goal.

During the fourth minute of the second overtime, a red card was called on Santa Clara’s Julian Bravo, while Ruiz and midfielder Jessy Sotelo each were presented with yellow cards. With Bravo’s ejection, Fullerton could take advantage of the short-handed Santa Clara.

At the 105th minute, Bartlett missed a shot that went out on the top of the goal. Two minutes later, defender Noah Dollenmayer missed a shot for Fullerton that also went out on the top.

Both teams did not attempt a single shot during the last six minutes and concluded the match in a draw.

Fullerton will start their Big West conference play at home on Wednesday against UC Santa Barbara at 7 p.m.

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