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(Kason Clark/ Daily Titan)

Cal State Fullerton men’s soccer defeated San Francisco University, 2-1, inside the Negoesco Stadium this past Sunday.  

This victory marks CSUF’s fifth year in a row defeating San Francisco. CSUF men’s soccer currently ranks No. 14 in the NCAA, a rise from their previous rank at No. 22. 

Sandro Bradara, a forward for San Francisco, scored the first goal of the game in the 48th  minute with the help of teammate Cameron Martin. San Francisco lost its previous match against Sacramento State and broke a two-win streak, and currently stand at 2-5 for the season.

Titan goalkeeper Paul-Andre Guerin was looking to add to his career shutout totals, but allowed a goal early in the second half when Bradara scored.   

As the sun began to set, CSUF persevered during each minute of the game against the Dons. 

There was a sense of urgency in the Titans as they kept the ball moving forward and continued to press their way towards the other team’s side. Forward Christian Pinzon scored the first goal for Fullerton in the 54th minute with an assist from Sam Molz.

USF goalkeeper Ruben Stuiver had a busy first half along with Guerin as they both were called on to make five saves.  

Stuiver had his hands full in the second half, as he had to make three more saves on the nine shots the Titans were able to get off.  

Constantly keeping the ball moving, Fullerton continued to build. Despite their determination to defeat Fullerton, the Dons were given a free kick in the last seven minutes of play, but the Titans still managed to push the ball towards the goal.

Midfielder Oscar Flores scored the winning goal in the 68th minute of the game with the help of Sebastian Cruz. 

The Titans were the more aggressive team throughout the game as they had 16 fouls, with four of those fouls resulting in yellow cards.

Pinzon and Flores were two of the players who received yellow cards.

Despite being in the lead, the Titans did not stop their determination to make another goal. As their discipline improved from their previous games, their consistent midfield focused on circulating the ball. 

With a total of 15 shots made by the Titans and 10 shots made by the Dons, CSUF took home another win and continued their undefeated winning streak. The Titans continue their undefeated streak this Wednesday, Sept. 25 against Cal Baptist at 7:00 p.m.

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