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Cal State Fullerton men’s soccer opened conference play with a 2-2 draw in double overtime against CSUN at Titan Stadium on Wednesday.

Both sides played aggressively the entire match. Fullerton totaled 16 fouls with five cards and Northridge committed 19 fouls with three cards. Defender Edward Salazar received the Titans second red card of the season in the 99th minute.

Toward the end of the game, Titans head coach George Kuntz exchanged words with one of the Matadors.

“The guy said things about my family I had never heard before and he touched me. I don’t know what’s going to be done about that but I wouldn’t let my players do that, it’s unacceptable. I didn’t do anything to that guy,” Kuntz said.

The Matadors scored their two goals early in the first half. Kuntz said he was disappointed with the two goals because “those were things (the team) prepared not to give up.”

The Titans matched midway through the second half, with goals from midfielder Mark Hernandez in the 60th minute and forward Samuel Goni in the 67th.

While Kuntz gave praise to multiple Titans, he said Hernandez was the catalyst for the game.

“He was just battling and fighting for 30 minutes. I haven’t seen him that possessed in a long time,” Kuntz said.

Following their second goal, the Titans huddled on the sidelines and midfielder Ross McPhie said the message reinforced teamwork and perseverance.

“We just knew we had to keep it together, keep doing what we’ve been working on and keep playing how we want to play. We know that we can score goals,” McPhie said.

After 12 games, the Titans hold a 4-2-6 record. Goni said he’s not worried about their tendency to end games in draws.

“We were losing 2-0 and we came back and had chances to go up 3-2. We show the fight we have as a team and how good we are together,” Goni said.

The Titans will travel to UC Santa Barbara on Oct. 6 for their second conference game.

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