Peyton Toto

Peyton Toto, seen here on April 10, batted 1-2 against UC San Diego on Saturday. (Andre Gomez / Daily Titan)

Cal State Fullerton softball clashed against UC San Diego on the road, as the Titans claimed the first three contests over the Tritons to win the four-game series last weekend. 

Their 14-game winning streak came to an end with a loss in the final game of the series on Saturday. Although the first three games counted toward their conference record, the final game was considered a non-conference matchup.

The Titans remain at the top of the leaderboard at  No. 1 in Big West, as they remain undefeated at 12-0 during conference play. 

Fullerton started off strong as they won the first game, 12-3, which forced the game to end early at six innings. Senior Sophie Frost excelled from the mound as she went five innings with two strikeouts and zero earned runs. 

Although most of the runs came in the first and third inning, the Titans finished the last inning with five runs, thanks to RBIs from senior Julia Valenzuela, and freshmen KK Humphreys and Peyton Toto. 

As the series progressed, the Titans continued to lose their grasp on a dominant win, and struggled to stay on top of the scoreboard. By the second game, things were already getting shaky as the Titans fought the Tritons back and forth for the 7-4 win. 

Fullerton scored in the first inning to start off the game and UC San Diego snapped back by matching the score at the bottom of the first, and did so again as they matched the CSUF’s two runs in the third inning. It wasn’t until the top of the fifth inning when the Titans took back their lead and ended the tie, 5-3. 

The Tritons’ ultimate sabotage was their own batting, especially in the bottom of the sixth inning as they failed to put much pressure on Fullerton’s defense. UC San Diego made the inning easy for Fullerton as all three batters grounded out to shortstop for three back-to-back outs. 

While the Tritons were able to score one last run in the final inning, it wasn’t enough to beat the Titans. 

For Saturday’s doubleheader, the Titans took the first win of the day, 1-0, as Frost threw a complete-game shutout in the extra-innings contest. 

Batters for both teams made fielding their hits easy plays with fast innings as they batted grounders, pop flys and striking out swinging. 

The game lasted nine innings with Humphreys getting the winning RBI. 

For the second game of the evening, the Titans finally met their match as they lost their 14-game winning streak, losing to the Titrons by a score of 6-5. 

It started out a stalemate as Fullerton went the first three innings without scoring a single run. 

The Titans carried over their batting habits from the first game to the second and these habits caught up to them by the bottom of the third, as UC San Diego scored its first run with a sacrifice bunt. 

Although the Titans were able to catch up and eventually surpass the Tritons by the fifth inning, the match proved difficult as both teams went back and forth with runs. 

While the Titans were leading 5-2 at the top of the fifth inning, the Tritons were able to climb back into the lead with RBIs from senior Isabel Lavrov, redshirt junior Bobbi Aguirre and senior Danica Kazakoff. The score remained close until the Tritons fought off the Titans and won, 6-5. 

The Titans had a chance in the seventh inning, but their efforts fell flat as they left  the game with a loss. 

The next game for the Titans will be this week at home against the Gauchos of UC Santa Barbara. It will be a four-game series spanning over the weekend with the first game starting on Friday at 6 p.m. at the Anderson Family Field.

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