Gevorgyan doubleheader

Freshman Milena Gevorgyan won her singles match against St. Francis Nicole Snezhko, 6-0, 6-0. (Luis Vizcaino / Daily Titan)

Cal State Fullerton women’s tennis swept their doubleheader matchups against the St. Thomas Tommies, 4-0, and Sacramento State, 4-0, on Thursday. 

Against the Hornets, the Titans won in the doubles competition as Natalie Duffy, Camila Garcia, Kaytlin Taylor and Diana Yanotovskaya won their matches 6-4.

The singles matches posed a greater challenge for the Titans, but they still managed to persevere against the Hornets.

“There were a lot of close sets. I think we did a really good job staying composed and playing important moments,” said Titans coach Trang Huynh-McClain.

Garcia defeated Hornet Grace McSkimming 6-1, 6-4 while Taylor defeated Julia Moraes 6-1, 6-3. Zoe Olmos found herself in an intense back-and-forth, this time with Mayya Gorbunova, winning the match at 6-3, 6-4.

“I think I can do better in my serve and move forward,” Olmos said. “A lot of times I move forward but I don’t stay there. When I need to come to net, I just hit the ball and run back to the baseline. So I need to keep transitioning to move forward.”

The Titans played against the Tommies first, defeating them in both the doubles and singles competitions with ease, adding another loss to the Tommies’ losing streak. 

In the doubles competition, Duffy and Garcia won 6-1, and Yanotovskaya and Taylor won 6-0.

Titans Milena Gevorgyan, Taylor, and Duffy won their respective singles matches. Olmos tied with Marthe Degeorges, but lost the tiebreaker. After an intense set, the match was left unfinished after Duffy’s win.

“It was a really good match, a good back-and-forth, and St. Thomas put up a really good fight,” Huynh-McClain said.

The Titans will look to continue their three-match win streak on Thursday, at 1 p.m. against Westmont at the Titan Tennis Courts. 

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