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graduation caps and diploma in a trash can

For some career paths, college is a waste of time

College can be a waste of time and money. Many career paths can be accomplished without a formalized education,

A male student walks on a tight rope while balancing books on his head

Column: Coping with time restraints in college isn’t easy

I would like to believe that after starting my fourth year of college, things would get easier with a

Girl trapped in a safety net between high school and top college

Column: Dealing with failure when Cal State Fullerton wasn’t your first choice college

As an overachieving (and undoubtedly pretentious) freshman heading to college in 2016, I always prided myself in knowing what

A two panel image of someone in their first year at college and someone in their last year in college.

Column: Attending college is about adapting to new circumstances and learning from mistakes

When I first came to Cal State Fullerton, I felt I had an idea of what to expect. I would

a girl walks out of a building

Resources that can help make life after graduation a little less overwhelming

Life after graduation can seem daunting; it’s a time when graduates are looking for jobs, going to graduate school


Former CSUF student Kylie Montoya steps up as Clippers dancer

Youth sports is all about teaching sportsmanship and competitiveness, getting rough and showing grit. However, middle schooler Kylie Montoya


Malia Obama doesn’t require a squeaky clean resume but everyday citizens do

Recent outcry over former first daughter Malia Obama,19, has celebrities and political figures tweeting away for the privacy of


Interim Provost Anil Puri reflects on his past 40 years at CSUF

On a bookshelf in Anil Puri’s, Ph.D., office sits a framed transcript. However, it does not belong to Puri,


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