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Angeles the dog holds his chew toy in his mouth.

Column: My dog changed mine and my family’s life

It was a cold, dark night in the Arizona desert. I was on my way to visit my girlfriend

A sillhoutte of someone walking away from a ball and chain, breaking the chain heading to the sun.

Column: Prevailing in a struggle against depression

Just as every keyhole has a unique key that opens doors, people can also unlock their pathway to living

A dotted red trail leads up to a heart on the top of a book next to some coffee and flowers.

Column: The note I found in ‘The Girls Who Went Away’

In 1995, my mother had jet black hair that was usually tied up with a soft scrunchie. When she

Salad ingredients made into the number three on a cutting board

Column: The three best salads and where to find them

Salads are one of my favorite foods. But more important than the taste is where the best salads are

girl holding a baby while sitting at a desk writing a paper with a computer and a book

Column: Juggling being a student and a single mother

I was never a firm believer in love at first sight - until my daughter was placed on my

A young freshman in college transitions into being a graduate.

Column: How to get the most out of your time at Cal State Fullerton from a graduating Titan

I can still remember my first day at Cal State Fullerton. First-day jitters were accompanied by the stress of

A two panel image of someone in their first year at college and someone in their last year in college.

Column: Attending college is about adapting to new circumstances and learning from mistakes

When I first came to Cal State Fullerton, I felt I had an idea of what to expect. I would


Rough Sketch: Women in animation as heroes over trophies

There is a strange habit among artists to idealize the female form in ways that satisfy a troubling lust


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