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This is a photo of two of the three couples who participated in the panel.

Couples from Osher Lifelong Learning Institute share the secret to long-lasting love

The Diversity Initiatives and Resource Center and Osher Lifelong Learning Institute hosted a Valentine’s Day-themed couples panel with three

An illustration of a bouquet of flowers dripping with color next to an engagement ring.

Column: I will not change my last name after I get married

Inside of every woman there is a constellation of events that shape her into who she is. Marriage is

Illustration of February 14 with a person looking at their healthy roses, the next day they are wilting.

Column: Valentine’s Day is a day for myself, friends and family

Valentine's Day lacks meaning. People who participate in Valentine’s Day only focus on whether or not they have a

Illustration of two human figures that are standing in front of a waving asexual flag.

Column: Asexuality fosters a special kind of love

To be alone on Valentine’s Day is considered a sin by societal standards. Commercials and advertisements are most successful

a girl sitting at a desk typing on her computer and listening to music

Devil’s Advocate: Dating apps are a convenient way to find love

Online dating is growing to become one of the most popular methods of how people meet each other and

A man looks on the computer for love.

Review: ‘I Hope You Find Me’ is a beautiful collection of accidental craigslist poetry

A website dedicated to classified ads is the last place one would expect to find poetry, yet author Alan


Technology amplifies unhealthy relationship practices

People love to point fingers, find someone to blame to make themselves feel less guilty and play victim; perhaps


CSUF’s production of ‘Bell, Book & Candle’ enchants ’50s charm onto lead actors

People often wish on stars, search for four-leaf clovers and silently hope for what they want at 11:11, but


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