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Mental Illness patient's artwork is displayed on the walls of the Alcott Center Mental Health Services Studio Gallery

Painted Brain partners with Alcott Center to display art made by patients with mental illness

Los Angeles organizations Painted Brain and the Alcott Center for Mental Health Services joined forces Thursday evening to showcase

A sillhoutte of someone walking away from a ball and chain, breaking the chain heading to the sun.

Column: Prevailing in a struggle against depression

Just as every keyhole has a unique key that opens doors, people can also unlock their pathway to living

Gun Violence in the United States: Three grey gravestones each with statistics on gun violence. The American flag flies in the background.

Mental illness is only one part of addressing gun violence

Last weekend tragedy struck when a mass shooter opened fire at the Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks,

Soccer player looking down

Cal State Fullerton is getting ahead of the rise of diagnosed mental illnesses in college athletes

Mental illness diagnoses have drastically risen since 2013 among college-age students, including reports of mental illness among collegiate athletes. According

An illustration of a two people in shadow laughing as they watch a TV screen. The TV depicts a girl shrugging her shoulders as she sits cross-legged in the middle of piles of junk.

The way the media portrays mental illnesses like hoarding and OCD maintain harmful stereotypes

While the media has created more visibility for mental health issues, it also tends to create and maintain harmful


Mass shootings have become part of American culture

Following the recent tragic shooting in San Bernardino, it has become abundantly clear that mass


Mental healthcare is a universal issue and we are the solution

When distraught 17-year-old Kristina Coignard entered a police station in Longview, TX, her intentions were unclear. When she left the


OC NAMIWalk raises money to fund mental illness awareness classes

Members of the CSUF MSWA pose for a photo after finishing the race.JESSICA PINEDA /


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