Miriam Tellez posing with Gil Cisneros and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

CSUF DACA community discusses the State of the Union

Miriam Tellez, a Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals student at Cal State Fullerton, was invited by 39th District Congressman

Citizens spoke out against the decision process, with many asking for a special election in November.

Fullerton City Council appoints Jan Flory despite public backlash

Fullerton City Council appointed Jan Flory to fill the vacant city council seat on Tuesday, Jan. 29. Flory has

Illustration of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez crowded with signs of varied activist alignments.

The importance of being an earnest activist for climate change

The 2018 midterm election brought about not only a shift in power, but a much-needed new era of diversity

There is a meme of a girl with a red jacket walking away as a guy checks out the girl in the red jacket and his girlfriend looks angry with him. The girl in the red jacket is labeled "memes", the guy is label "American citizens" and the girlfriend is labeled "healthy political discourse."

Memes can create an extremely damaging view of politics

With just a quick search on Google, the wonderful world of memes presents a large bounty of content regarding


Cal State Fullerton professor explains how social media stoked the embers of political revolution in talk at Pollak Library

The use of social media in political revolutions became the topic of faculty discourse in the Pollak Library on


OPINION: No more Roy Moore for Senate, sexual predators have no place in politics

With the storm of recent sexual misconduct allegations arising, it’s good to know that politicians are being held to


Electronic voting makes polls environmentally friendly and more reliable

Seeing as paper ballots were created around 139 B.C. in Rome, an update seems to be warranted. Conservative media pundits


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