There is a meme of a girl with a red jacket walking away as a guy checks out the girl in the red jacket and his girlfriend looks angry with him. The girl in the red jacket is labeled "memes", the guy is label "American citizens" and the girlfriend is labeled "healthy political discourse."

Memes can create an extremely damaging view of politics

With just a quick search on Google, the wonderful world of memes presents a large bounty of content regarding

A photo of Langsdorf hall

Open Letter: CSUF’s Society of Professional Journalists responds to anti-press rhetoric from President Donald Trump

Dear President Donald Trump: We are writing to you to join our esteemed Society of Professional Journalists President, J. Alex


Supreme Court rejects request for appeal to DACA ruling

The U.S. Supreme Court rejected a request by the Trump administration to hear a challenge to end the Deferred


DACA’s future is uncertain due to disagreements over immigration reform

The deadline to end Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is quickly approaching but Congress and the White House have


Cal State Fullerton DACA students share their concerns amid uncertainty about citizenship status

(Editor's note: The last names of the students in this story have been omitted to protect their status as


President Donald Trump’s feedback loop with Fox News gives him little time to actually lead

To say that President Donald Trump prefers conservative media over others isn’t a far-fetched notion, it’s the sad truth.


President Donald Trump isn’t the biggest threat to our environment, America is

As if it wasn’t already clear, President Donald Trump and his administration have solidified their apathy toward the environment. While


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